Saturday, 27 August 2016

Olympic Underwater Hurdles

Race day

Yayy!!! This is the day I competed at Olympics for underwater hurdles. When I first jumped in the water it was freezing. In my head I was thinking about all my training I did. I said to myself I need to try my best to win a medal. Now it’s time to race. I lined up at the starting line and off I go. I felt energetic because there was no air under the water. While I was jumping over I the hurdles I felt like I was jumping over the whole word because my legs we’re stretching far across the hurdles. When I ran to the 2nd to last hurdle I stretched a muscle and got injured. But I still tried my best to make my country proud and so we could win a medal. Even though I was injured I still came in 2nd place. When I ran to the last hurdle I was dragging my leg along the sand under the water and trying to lift my leg over the last hurdle. I reached the finish line and I came 2nd. Yayy!!! I came 2nd and won the silver medal. My race is over for today but I will be competing in next Olympics.

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