Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Adventure Map

For maths we have being learning how to use compass directions and to follow instructions to find the hidden treasure this is a map that I made with buried treasure somewhere. Comment if you know where it is and I will see if your right.

The Adventure Map
1.Start at the starting Island.
2.Swim east way across the fish pond but watch out for the fishes because they bite so you have to swim really fast.
3.Follow the lines to the forest of mist.
Oh no you fell down a hole the only way to get out is through the magic mirror.
4. Oh no again the magic mirror was glitching you ended up at the wrong place.
5. Follow the lines to the The angry bear cave.
Oh no you woke up the grizzly bear you have to run away fast before you get eaten.
6. Sale south way to the swamp and get of the ship and go to the other side of the swamp watch out for the tuna’s.
7.Go south then east past the angry fish don’t get eaten and go to the black tunnel.
8. Then go west side to Mount Mayhem.
Oh no you fell in the hole the treasure might be in there somewhere.

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