Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Writting Metaphor

We have been learning about Metaphors and now we know the difference between a simile and a metaphor because a simile uses "like" and "as" and a metaphor uses "Is".  

My chocolate family.

My family lives in a colourful chocolate box.
Mum is the tasty sweet crunchy that is caring at the bottom.
Dad is the white tasty dark peanut slab that is strong after Mum.
Tuvaine is the soft sweet flake because she’s messy after Dad. Carla-dee is the caramel sweet mars after Tuvaine.
Lastly I’m the colourful box holding us all together.


  1. Hi waekamania my name is darvaye im in room 6 i really like you chocolate story about your family i think i am the flake chocolate do you like chocolate?hope you post more work bye for now

    1. Thanks Darvaye for your nice comments. I think I will put some more up soon.